Community Partners

National Employment Lawyers Association

The National Employment Lawyers Association advocates for employee rights by submitting amicus briefs in high-profile employment litigation, engaging in the judicial selection process, lobbying and providing assistance to Congress, connecting employees with experienced attorneys and supporting attorneys who represent employees.

NOVA Hope for Haiti

Pelton Graham LLC is a sponsor of NOVA is a charitable organization dedicated to providing medical care in Haiti. NOVA serves the people of Haiti by maintaining a permanentclinic and sending teams of doctors and translators on “medical missions” to provide immediate care clinics for hundreds of Haitians. Currently NOVA is also constructing and raising funds for a pediatric clinic.

Migrant Center at the Church of St. Francis of Assisi in New York City

Pelton Graham LLC is a sponsor of the Migrant Center at the Church of St. Francis of Assisi. The Migrant Center provides services to migrants and immigrants of all political and religious backgrounds including assisting migrants with legal needs and social services, providing ESL (English as a Second Language) classes and health screenings, and arranging visits to immigrant detainees. The Migrant Center also advocates on behalf of migrants and immigrants on issues such as wage theft and detention and aims to raise public awareness of issues affecting migrants.

Retail Action Project

Pelton Graham LLC is a Community Partner of the Retail Action Project. The Retail Action Project works on behalf of retail workers on issues such as fair scheduling practices, wage theft, minimum and living wage, paid sick days, discrimination and fair pay for commissioned employees. The Retail Action Project organizes workers, advocates for pro-worker policy change, and participates in litigation to promote the rights of retail workers in New York.


Disclaimer: Pelton Graham LLC supports the social justice missions of our partners; however, the views, opinions, and religious and political affiliations of our partners do not necessarily reflect those of Pelton Graham LLC or our attorneys.