Alatorre v. Fontana Famous Pizza & Gyro (Abelaki Fast Food)

​In February 2016, a dishwasher and kitchen employee of Fontana Famous Pizza & Gyro filed a lawsuit in federal court against the diner for unpaid overtime. The Plaintiff alleges that he was paid a flat weekly rate that did not provide overtime payments or spread of hours payments and asserts other labor law violations.

In November 2016, the Court granted Plaintiffs’ request for conditional certification as to all dishwashers, kitchen workers, servers, bussers, delivery employees and other non-management employees who worked at Fontana Famous Pizza & Gyro at any time since February 26, 2013. For more information, please download the Notice of Lawsuit. If you worked for Fontana Famous Pizza during this time and would like to join this action, you can print the Consent to Sue, fill it out, and send it to:

Pelton Graham LLC
111 Broadway, Suite 1503
New York, NY 10006

If you worked for Fontana Famous Pizza & Gyro and have any questions, or if you are interested in learning more about this action, you can call us at (212) 385-9700 or send us an inquiry through the website form.