Cano v. Nineteen Twenty Four, Inc.d/b/a Roberta’s Pizzeria

On July 10, 2015, a long-term kitchen employee at Roberta’s filed a class and collective action complaint in federal court in Brooklyn against the acclaimed pizzeria and Italian restaurant located in Bushwick.

The Complaint alleges that Roberta’s did not pay the Plaintiff and other employees overtime premium compensation for work performed in excess of 40 hours each week, did not pay spread of hours premiums for shifts in excess of 10 hours in a day, and did not provide employees with a proper wage statement and wage notice. The Complaint further alleges that prior to approximately 2013, a majority of the employees of Roberta’s were paid off-the-books, with similar wage and hour violations as that of those employees who are currently paid off-the-books.

Additional employees have joined this action. If you are interested in more information regarding this case or you would like to join the action to recover your unpaid wages, please contact Brent Pelton or Taylor Graham at (212) 385-9700.

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