Carty v. Fast Electric Services

In March 2016, an electrician filed a lawsuit in state court against Fast Electrical Services, Akro General Contracting, PJP Installers and Rock Scaffolding (R.S.C. of NY) for failing to pay overtime and failing to pay prevailing wages for work Plaintiff performed on NYCHA jobs. Specifically, Plaintiff alleges that after he received his prevailing wage paycheck, he was required to cash the check and pay the cash back to Defendants—and that Defendants would from that amount pay Plaintiff an hourly rate much lower than the prevailing wage rate.

This case is in the early stages of litigation. If you worked for Fast Electrical Services or would like to learn more about this action or about prevailing wage laws, please call our firm at (212) 385-9700 or send us an inquiry via our website form.