Cazares v. Buccaneer Diner (AVA Restaurant)

​In January 2015, two employees, who worked as servers, bussers, dishwashers and delivery workers, filed a lawsuit in federal court against Buccaneer Diner, located in the Jackson Heights neighborhood of Queens. The Plaintiffs allege that they experienced numerous wage and hour violations: that they were paid either a flat weekly rate or an extremely low hourly rate that did not compensate them at minimum wage, that they did not receive overtime premiums even though they worked over fifty hours per week, that they did not receive spread of hours premiums when they worked over ten hours per day, and that they did not receive wage statements or wage notices.

Additional employees have joined this Action. At this time, Plaintiffs are seeking certification of a class of servers, bussers, dishwashers and delivery workers. While the deadline to join this Action has passed, we are still interested in speaking with employees of Buccaneer Diner. If you worked for Buccaneer Diner or would like more information about this action, please call Pelton Graham at (212) 385-9700 or fill out an e-mail inquiry on our website.

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