De La Luz v. Mazor’s Bakery

​In December 2014, five dough factory employees filed a lawsuit in federal court in Brooklyn against Mazor’s Bakery. The Plaintiffs alleged that they worked well over fifty hours per week but were not paid for all hours worked per week. Even though they were paid in cash until around November 2013, they had a percentage of their wages deducted as purported tax payments. In addition, some employees were not paid minimum wage. One employee was required to work additional hours cleaning the private homes of individuals who own Mazor’s Bakery.

In May 2015, the Court approved notices to be sent out to current and former employees of Mazor’s who may be eligible to participate in this action. The deadline to join this action was August 4, 2015 for eligible employees who worked at Mazor’s Bakery between May 22, 2012 and May 22, 2015 and were paid on an hourly basis. Although the opt-in period is closed, we are still interested in speaking with people who worked at Mazor’s Bakery. If you would like to join this action or are interested in more information about this case, please contact our office at (212) 385-9700 or by an e-mail inquiry through our website.

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