Khalid v. Dunkin Donuts (DJ Shirley 1 Inc)

​In October 2015, a counter employee and shift leader filed a lawsuit in federal court against a chain of approximately 15 Dunkin Donuts restaurants located through Suffolk, Nassau and Queens counties. The Plaintiff alleges that he was paid straight-time rates for all hours worked and did not receive overtime premiums even though he typically worked about 60 hours per week, a fact that was disguised by wage statements he received that purported to show that he worked significantly fewer hours than he actually did and receive overtime on those incorrect hours. The Complaint asserts additional wage and hour violations, including failure to pay spread of hours premiums for days when Plaintiff worked over 10 hours and failure to provide accurate wage statements and wage notices as required by New York law.

Additional employees have joined this action. If you worked for these or any other locations of Dunkin Donuts, or are interested in learning more about this case, please contact our firm at (212) 385-9700 or by an e-mail inquiry through our website form.