Peters v. Fervent Electrical Corp.

In March 2014, two electricians at Fervent Electrical brought suit against the electrical contracting business to recover unpaid overtime and prevailing wages owed to them for work they performed on behalf of public entities, including the government of New York City. Our clients also brought suit against the general contractor, R&A Renovations, based on New York law that holds general contractors responsible for ensuring that laborers are properly paid prevailing wages. Our clients received weekly rates that did not vary with their number of hours worked and did not receive overtime premiums for hours worked in excess of forty (40) per week. Our clients performed work on public works projects for agencies including the New York City Housing Authority and the New York City Department of Environmental Protection but were not paid prevailing wages. To the contrary, Defendants engaged in numerous measures to evade payment of prevailing wages required by city and state law.

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