Reyes v. Rye

In December 2013, nine waiters and bartenders at Whitby Castle and the Rye Golf Club filed suit for unpaid overtime, unpaid earned tips and unreimbursed costs of laundering uniforms. Although our clients usually collected several hundred dollars in tips by credit cards and member cards during their shifts, they were never permitted to keep any of these tips.

Dozens of employees of Rye Golf Club have joined this action. The Court has certified this as a class action on behalf of all wait staff, bussers/runners, dishwashers, and kitchen staff who worked for Defendants at any time from December 23, 2007. Please see the Notice of Class Action for more information. If you are a member of the class and wish to participate in this action, you do not need to do anything at this time.

If you worked for Rye Golf Club, Whitby Castle or Morris Yacht & Beach Club or have any questions about this matter, please contact Pelton Graham LLC at (212) 385-9700 or by an e-mail inquiry through our website.