Fuel Surcharges - Boston Coach

In the current financial climate, more and more companies are tacking excessive and deceptive fees onto customer’s bills for goods and services. Some companies may describe such charges as a “fuel surcharge” or similar characterization but fail to link the charge to the cost of fuel in any meaningful fashion. Pelton & Associates, PC is investigating purported “fuel surcharges” that simply function as an additional way for the companies to extract money from customers.

The attorneys at Pelton & Associates, PC have learned that Boston Coach, a car service largely aimed at corporate clients, is charging arbitrary “fuel surcharges” and other fees to consumers. Although Boston Coach states on its website that fuel surcharges are based on the average cost of fuel, the amount charged to consumers is extremely high and does not appear to be directly linked to the price of fuel. Other fees charged by Boston Coach may be improper as well.

If you are a current or former client of Boston Coach and believe that you have been charged an excessive or unfair fee surcharge, or if you have been charged any excessive or undisclosed fees in connection with goods or services, please contact the attorneys at Pelton & Associates, PC to discuss your legal claim.

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