Advice for Employees: Employment Law

If you are considering bringing a lawsuit against your employer for unpaid wages or workplace discrimination, taking certain steps will make your lawsuit as strong as possible.

  1. Remain employed: if you are still working for the company and are able to continue working, you should do so. It is much easier for current employees to build a strong case.
  2. Collect evidence: employment law cases are often won and lost on the basis of how much evidence the plaintiff can present. If you are still employed by the company and even if you are not, do everything you can to collect evidence of the unlawful conditions to which you are being subjected. Evidence consists of everything from payroll records to employee handbooks to audio or video recordings of the illegal practices occurring.
  3. Consider involving fellow employees: employment law cases, particularly in the wage and hour context, tend to be stronger when multiple plaintiffs are involved. With higher potential damages at stake, the employer is likely to take the matter more seriously. However, only involve fellow employees who you trust not to alert the employer of the possible lawsuit. If an employee who is loyal to the company learns of the potential lawsuit and informs the employer, the employer could retaliate against you or begin to preemptively hide assets, making it difficult to secure any money once the case is resolved.
  4. Contact an attorney: if you are considering bringing a lawsuit against your employer, contact an attorney experienced in employment law. The attorneys of Pelton & Associates, PC have represented hundreds of employees in lawsuits against their employers and would be happy to hold a free consultation with you today.