Welcome to the blog of Pelton & Associates, PC. We are a law firm practicing largely in New York and New Jersey with the capability to represent clients around the country in both class actions and individual lawsuits. Our primary areas of practice are employment law, whistleblower law, and consumer claims, and we are always on the lookout to expand our practice in complementary areas. Our practice is the pursuit of workers’ rights in all the forms they take. In this blog, we will focus on news stories, court decisions and discussions relevant to our primary practice areas of employment law, whistleblower actions and consumer claims. The law is always changing and evolving, so check back frequently for our take on issues affecting employees and consumers around the country.

I have worked for Pelton & Associates as an attorney since August 2013. Previously I clerked for two magistrate judges in the Southern and Eastern Districts of New York, and I attended NYU Law. I find the practice of employment law incredibly rewarding in terms of the clients we are able to help, from white collar professionals to undocumented immigrants in construction and food service, and I’m very interested in exploring areas of law and policy that complement our workers’ rights orientation. As this blog will demonstrate, there is a lot to explore and discuss in employment law, and we look forward to hearing your thoughts and comments on these subjects!

Nothing posted to this blog constitutes legal advice. If you have a question about a specific employment, whistleblower, consumer or other legal claim, please contact the attorneys at Pelton & Associates for a free consultation.