Do I have a case?

At Pelton Graham we are always on the lookout for situations where employers and companies are violating the rights of workers and consumers. In our own cases and in news of other lawsuits we see certain illegal practices crop up time and again.

  • Time card fraud and manipulation
  • Rounding hours and time shaving
  • Paying all or some wages off the books to avoid overtime
  • Kick-backs
  • Charging for uniforms or equipment
  • Failing to pay for sidework and pre- and post-shift work
  • Paying salary without overtime to non-exempt workers
  • Misclassifying employees as “independent contractors”

Learn more about illegal wage and hour practices.

  • Failure to accommodate disabilities
  • Discrimination for involvement in #MeToo or Black Lives Matter
  • Retaliation for #MeToo or Black Lives Matter complaints

Learn more about workplace harassment and discrimination.

  • Overbilling on medical and dental claims
  • Tax avoidance by misclassifying employees
  • Tax fraud by failing to report business income

Learn more about whistleblower complaints.

  • Unpaid work from home
  • Unreimbursed expenses for remote work items
  • Discrimination based on high medical risk
  • Retaliation for complaining about unsafe work conditions
  • Mass layoffs

Learn more about COVID-19 specific issues in the workplace.

If you have experienced any of these issues or wish to speak with experienced attorneys about any other employment or consumer rights matter, you can contact us for a free consultation by e-mail or telephone at (212) 385-9700. As contingency fee attorneys, we do not get a penny until you are paid.

unsafe working conditions

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During business hours, you can visit one of our offices, call us, or have a remote meeting. After hours, we have a hotline, which will either be answered by a live person or invite you to leave a message that will be promptly returned.