International Business Dealings

United States publicly traded companies are prohibited from bribing foreign public officials in order to gain a business advantage by the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (“FCPA”). The law also makes it illegal to make false entries in the company’s books to hide a prohibited payment. There are laws around the world with similar effect, so there may be the laws of several countries involved, depending on where the bribery took place.

Businessman receiving bribe money, US dollars, in an envelope

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Foreign Corrupt Practices Act

Fines and settlements under the FCPA were in excess of $2.75 billion in 2019 alone. Some examples of activities that whistleblowers have identified as potential violations of the FCPA:

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If you are concerned about a situation you are aware of, you should act promptly to seek advice, both in order to take the burden off of your shoulders and because whistleblower laws have limitations periods which could act to bar your claim.

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