Remote Client Meetings

Pelton Graham cares deeply about its clients, team members and our greater community. We are following all the CDC, state, and city guidelines for protecting ourselves, our clients, and all of their loved ones, from unnecessary risks and exposures. Due to the need to quarantine or social distancing, many people feel they don’t have options, and must forego important meetings and delay important decisions. We want you to know: you do have options at Pelton Graham.

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Technology Provides Possibilities

With the advancement of technology, the possibility of a meaningful meeting held remotely is now a reality. We provide access to legal advice for people who live in remote areas or who, due to illness or mobility problems, or for purely the sake of convenience, are unable to meet with their lawyer in person. Our offices are, obviously, located in downtown New York and San Francisco, which may not be convenient for everyone to visit, even for an initial meeting.

Contact the office and tell them you would like an initial consultation and are interested in a remote conference. One of our staff will conduct a short pre-meeting interview with you to be sure that we have the right team at the meeting. We’ll agree on a time and you will be sent a link for the video conference that you can use from a computer, smart pad or smart phone to join the meeting.

Pelton Graham provides this service with technical competence, applying ethical and professional standards of conduct, and ensuring confidentiality by using the latest security measures. Please contact us to learn more about our services.

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