Employment Class Actions

Employment class action lawsuits are brought by individuals (“Class Representatives”) on behalf of a group of employees who have been wronged in a similar way by the same employer. This is allowed to save the time and expense of each wronged employee filing a claim on their own behalf, and because the damages that each person has might not be enough to justify a separate lawsuit. Attorneys such as Pelton Graham file the case on behalf of the Class Representative and all the similarly wronged employees.

Class Representatives are often, like whistleblowers and victims of sexual harassment, strongly motivated by a desire to simply see the unfair conduct stop, in addition to gaining compensation for their damages.

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Stop the Unfair Practices

The recoveries for individuals in employment class actions are generally not large; one of the main benefits sought is often just to get the employer to stop the unfair practices. Class Representatives are, however, usually eligible for extra service or incentive awards. These awards are usually in the range of $500 to $20,000, with the largest being nearly $100,000.  Class Representatives have certain responsibilities to assist during the litigation and to act in the best interests of the class members. The Class Representative awards are based on factors such as their individual damages, the amount of assistance provided to the attorneys, and how much compensation was paid to the class members.

If you are aware of an unfair employment practice that has affected not only you, but a larger group of employees in a similar way, give Pelton Graham a call for a no cost evaluation of the situation. Class actions are complex and expensive cases to bring, but if the case has merit, you can count on us to pursue it diligently on your behalf. If you are a group of consumers who have been wronged in a similar way, find out more about consumer class action lawsuits.

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Examples of successful Employment Class Actions:

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If you are concerned about an unfair employment practice that affects a number of workers, you should act promptly to seek advice. This is important both in order to stop the unfair employment activity, and because employee protection laws have strict filing deadlines which could bar your claim. Pelton Graham is here to help.

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