Pelton Graham LLC secured a settlement of $1.25 Million on behalf of a group of security guards and fire safety guards who were not paid overtime premium pay for overtime hours spent covering for other employee’s shifts and were not paid prevailing wages for their work on public works projects.

Given the nature of their work, security guards can be subjected to a wide range of wage and hour violations, including but not limited to the following:

  • Pay by the shift or by the day with no overtime premiums for additional hours worked beyond the shift
  • Missed breaks when no coverage or relief provided
  • Unpaid prevailing wages for work pursuant to public works contracts
  • No pay for mandatory pre- and post-shift meetings and activities

You should contact an attorney experienced in handling unpaid wage matters in the security guard industry to discuss your personal situation and discover what claims you may have. The attorneys at Pelton Graham are experienced at advocating for clients who have experienced wage theft in security industry and are happy to talk with you about your experience. Consultations are free, and as contingency fee attorneys, we do not get paid unless we recover for you.

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