Pelton Graham LLC has helped hundreds of construction workers recover unpaid prevailing wages and supplemental benefits which were unlawfully withheld from them by their employer (including prime and sub-contractors). Pelton Graham LLC recovered $1 Million for 7 union construction workers who were subjected to the following violations:

  • Unpaid Prevailing Wages, including regular and overtime
  • Unpaid Supplemental Benefits
  • Unpaid Off-the-clock work for work performed at the employer’s yard
  • Unpaid Off-the-clock work for travel time between jobs

Construction contractors awarded public works projects can pad their wallets by failing to pay the applicable prevailing wage rate of wages and supplemental benefits for all hours worked at the correct trade classification. A common scheme is for contractors to continue to pay their workers at the same rate or a slightly increased rate than they would pay the workers on a private project, or pay the prevailing wage rate but with no corresponding supplemental benefit payment.

In addition, contractors will often require that their workers show up at their office or yard each morning to obtain their work assignment and load the vehicles with tools, etc. but they do not pay their workers for this mandatory time spent for the benefit of the employer and instead pay them only for time spent performing work at a construction site. These schemes result in substantial unpaid prevailing wages, including regular wages, overtime premiums, and benefits.

You should contact an attorney experienced in handling unpaid prevailing wage matters to discuss your personal situation and discover what claims you may have. The attorneys at Pelton Graham are experienced at advocating for clients who have experienced unpaid prevailing wages and are happy to talk with you about your experience. Consultations are free, and as contingency fee attorneys, we do not get paid unless we recover for you.

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