After months of litigation, Pelton Graham LLC secured a $2.65 Million monetary settlement and meaningful changes to the restaurant’s policies to avoid future wage theft against the employees.

Many restaurants commit wage theft by employing various unlawful pay schemes which result in unpaid wages to their workers.  Common schemes include paying back-of-the-house employees (cooks, dishwashers) a fixed weekly salary with no overtime premiums for work over 40 hours in a week and paying front-of-the-house employees (servers, bussers, bartenders) minimum wage and subjecting them to deductions for uniforms, breakage and breaks not actually taken, and forcing them to work off-the-clock (before clocking in or after clocking out) or to perform non-tip producing side work for more than 20% or 2 hours of their shift.

Pelton Graham LLC has helped thousands of restaurant workers recover unpaid wages, including a group of such workers who were subjected to numerous unlawful pay practices at a famous Manhattan delicatessen/diner. Some of the unlawful pay schemes resulted in the following violations:

You should contact an attorney experienced in handling unpaid overtime matters in the hospitality industry to discuss your personal situation and discover what claims you may have. The attorneys at Pelton Graham are experienced at advocating for clients who have experienced wage theft in restaurants and are happy to talk with you about your experience. Consultations are free, and as contingency fee attorneys, we do not get paid unless we recover for you.

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