Ms. Herazo is a Colombian attorney who graduated in the top high 5% of her class with a Meritorious Thesis in the criminal field from one of the oldest and most recognized law schools in Colombia and South America, the Universidad de Cartagena.

Prior to joining the firm and moving to the U.S. as a political asylee, Ms. Herazo worked as an attorney in Colombia for more than ten (10) years, including five (5) years with a nationally acclaimed anti-corruption non-profit organization, Corporacion Cartagena Honesta.

Ms. Herazo is an avid reader and loves music and dancing and working with her hands to build furniture and paint. She enjoys long conversations–and sometimes debates!–with her twin adolescent boys and is thrilled to watch them grow into productive and honest young men. She hopes one day to travel the world with them and show them the ways they can make a difference in the lives of people around the globe.


Ms. Herazo is a Colombian attorney who has been working since 2013 as a paralegal at Pelton Graham LLC helping clients with their employment issues, giving them the opportunity to understand, educate, and navigate the intricate American legal system.


Universidad de Cartagena, Colombia. Attorney.

In addition to her training as an attorney, Ms. Herazo is also trained in the following areas:

  • Certificate in Forensic Science, Corporación Universitaria del Sinú – INTEF. Colombia.
  • Basic training in Forensic Pathology, Anthropology, Morphology, Criminalistics, Odontology, Toxicology, Biology, Fingerprinting, Ballistics, Psychology, Graphology and Criminal Law.
  • Certificate in Criminal Law Procedure, Universidad de Cartagena – Instituto Colombiano de Derecho Procesal.
  • Certificate in Alternative Dispute Resolution (Negotiation, Conciliation and Arbitration), Universidad de Cartagena – Chamber of Commerce Cartagena.

Ms. Herazo’s native language is Spanish.